how we work


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More often than not, we will use our network of associates to help you with your resourcing. For example, a technical specialist with strong experience in a particular back office system will contract directly with us for a period of time, but work exclusively on-site for you.


Because we have such strong control over our overheads and costs, we believe that we can provide those services to you with less of a margin than you are probably paying to your standard PSL recruitment agencies. Have the discussion with us and we’ll see how we may be able to save you costs in this respect. At the same time, and using the same argument, the individual can also benefit personally by achieving a higher day rate, because they will see what would otherwise have been part of the agency’s commission.


Recruitment agencies need to advertise for CV’s. We don’t. We live in your world and understand from the inside what you need and how best to achieve it. Next time you have a project or resource need, involve us early, maybe even before putting the role out to market. See if we can prove it!